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We're using the power of pickleball to play, work, & live well together.

Why Pickleball?


Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America


Originally created with inclusion in mind for people of different ages and abilities to play together


Builds community in a fun and engaging way

What We Offer:

Group learning and development sessions, including workshops and team building activities

Preview our A-Z programming.

I had the great experience of working with Betty for our firm's AAPI month event. Betty went above and beyond to create a personalized programming based on our needs and all the attendees loved learning about leadership lessons through pickleball... Thank you Betty for the amazing experience and I highly recommend her to any interested groups.

Mike Rho, Growth Architect @ Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 

What people are saying about Pickleball Positive.

Meet Pickleball Betty.

Pickleball Betty is Betty Ng, the founder of Pickleball Positive and PPR certified pickleball coach. She is a former corporate executive and now bestselling author, professional speaker, and thought leader. As the founder and CEO of Inspiring Diversity, Betty has developed practical frameworks and tools (including PO-LING POWER® and TAIQ) to help propel individuals and organizations to success.

Now as an avid pickleball player, Betty combines the joy and fun of her favorite sport with powerful lessons and techniques to help others play, work, and live well together.

Headshot of Betty Ng, an Asian woman

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